Southwest Military Fitness will improve your all round fitness.
Prove it to yourself by taking one of our fitness tests

GET FASTER – time your 1500m run and see how much faster you get the more SWMF sessions you do.
GET STRONGER – see how many repetitions of sit-ups, press-up and burpees you can do in two minutes and see  how much stronger you get the more classes you attend
GET FITTER – pick a colour and then go up a bib each month.

The fitness tests in summary:



Tests: strength, endurance (both aerobic and anaerobic), flexibility and coordination)
This is a circuit test to be completed in 15 minutes or less and has three versions (blue, red and green). No-one should be able to complete their bib level test in less than 10 minutes.

BLUES – 10 press ups, sit ups & burpees, 3 x 20m shuttle runs, completed five times
REDS – 12 press ups, sit ups & burpees, 3 x 30m shuttle runs, completed five times
GREENS – 15 press ups, sit ups & burpees, 3 x 40m shuttle runs, completed five times


Tests: muscular strength and endurance. Participants should aim to complete the maximum number of repetitions (with good form) in two minutes

• Two minutes of press ups
• Two minutes of sit ups
• Two minutes of burpees


Test: A timed 1500m run best effort on a flat surface.

• Male 10min 30sec Female 13min 30sec (These times are only an approximate)