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    The exercises are just part of the benefits of training outdoors
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    Mud runs, Hill Walking, Sea Canoeing, and Warm up crews Southwest Military Fitness has so much more to Offer than just the fantastic training sessions

    All session are suited for all ability’s no matter what your fitness level
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  • Get Fit With Southwest Military Fitness

    1. It's Effective - Southwest Military Fitness (SWMF) outdoor fitness classes are a proven and trusted way of getting fit, losing weight and feeling great.The average total calories burned during a session across all three groups (blue, red, and green) is 640, though this figure rises much higher the more you train with us.The average distance covered in a beginner class is 5km – but remember, we never leave anyone behind!
    2. It's Different – a lot of people give up on fitness programmes because they become bored. That doesn’t happen at SWMF.Variety and making every session different is the key to our success.Each week you’ll be put through a challenging, effective workout with team games, paired exercises, circuits, strength work and running.
    3. You are part of the Team - you are not alone. Every week, you’ll be with your fellow likeminded people. With the encouragement of your instructor you’ll be helping each other out, keeping everyone going and keeping them moving.They’ll be doing the same for you – SWMF is all about getting fit together.The combination of the team and Instructor’s positive motivational style will help you achieve things you may not believe you were capable of.
  • Military Instructors For Military Fitness

    Southwest Military Fitness instructors all have two things in common - a military background and fitness qualifications.
    Either currently serving, or have served in the UK armed forces, they all have relevant military or personal training fitness qualifications.
    Throughout their military careers, my instructors were encouraged to be the best they could be and to achieve as much as they could through hard work, a positive attitude, and maximum effort at all times.
    This is the approach we adopt at Southwest Military Fitness and you’ll experience the distinctive motivational style (and irrepressible sense of humour) of our instructors from your very first session.
    Our instructors enjoy working outside; thrive on meeting new people and the constant challenge of helping our members to achieve their health and fitness goals.
  • Key Benefits

    • Training outdoors can burn up to 20 percent more calories!
    • Outdoor workouts are even more challenging due to your body having to work harder with uneven surfaces and the natural elements.
    • Outdoor training with Southwest Miltary itness instructors provides the perfect total body workout!
    • Training with the uneven surfaces improves your balance and core skills
    • Being outdoors provides you with essential vitamin D, which helps us maintain strong healthy bones, by retaining calcium, not forgetting a feel good factor!
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